Lifetime Warranty

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Bath iPhone + iPad Repair Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our iPhone and iPad screen repairs against manufacturer defects and fitting defects.

So if we fit a screen to your iPhone or iPad, and 2 years time the screen colours fade, or the touchscreen becomes unresponsive due to a manufacturing fault then we will replace the part free of charge under our lifetime warranty.

What we cover:

  • The original iPhone or iPad repair, including all parts and labour are covered by our lifetime warranty.

What we don’t cover:

  • Subsequent damage caused by the customer, for example the screen cracking, splitting or separating
  • Any damage not relating to the original repair
  • Any damage resulting from misuse
  • Any damage resulting from attempted customer repairs
  • Water damage / Liquid Ingress.
  • Software issues unrelated to the original repair
  • Liquid, dirt or dust ingress. Devices are not totally sealed so these things can naturally get access into the device.
  • Loss of data as a result of the repair (please backup your phone before we arrive)
  • Battery replacements come with a 12 Month warranty. Your battery not lasting as long as it used too isn’t covered by warranty as batteries naturally degrade over time. A battery would never considered under warranty for replacement if it reaches under 70% battery life in the 12 Month period from fitting. 

If you have a fault with your iPhone + iPad and the repair that we have done to it you must:

1) Inform us either in writing / text / or email to that you have a fault within 24 hours of it happening, failing to do this will void your warranty with us.

2) Immediately stop using your iPhone + iPad to avoid any more damage to it, any further use will void your warranty.

3) We (Bristol iPhone + iPad Repair) must be the ONLY repairer who tests / takes apart your iPhone + iPad to see why it has failed and if it is under our warranty. Any 3rd party (inc Apple) disassembly of your iPhone + iPad will void all warranty with us

4) In the first 30 days from your repair we are able to send an engineer to test and see what the fault is with the repair. After 30 days from the repair we do not send an engineer to diagnose faults that are warranty requests due to the nature of some faults and warranty requests we require them to be shipped to our head office where we have some specialist testing software that diagnoses faults and can detect impacts / drops etc via the inbuilt sensors. Its a quick process to send them to us, they are tested / repaired if under warranty and returned to you the working next day.

5) When your iPhone + iPad is first repaired by us we will send you a invoice with the work done and your iPhone + iPad's IMEI number on it, this invoice MUST be presented to us at the time of a warranty claim. The invoice / receipt must be from “Repair Bristol LTD” for us to consider it under our warranty. Occasionally in the past we have outsourced work to 3rd party repair companies who use the same parts and warranty as use. You would have paid these companies directly and If your receipt is from one of those companies you need to contact them for a warranty claim.